Arkham Asylum breaks an embarassing record

I’ve already said my piece on Batman: Arkham Asylum, but frankly Guinness’ announcement about the game makes me groan. The game’s reception has been pretty much universally good, so much so that it apparently warrants a record.

What record did it break? Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever. The previous unofficial holder of the record was the Dreamcast version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, which would have held the record for 9 years. Can’t really be surprised about this. Adapations of comics or movies have been pretty much garbage since developers realized it was a good way to push titles.

Yes, not only is Arkham Asylum the best batman game ever, it’s the best superhero game ever. Take that Superman 64! Now how about we make this accomplishment not such a big deal and get some more good super hero games?

Arkham Asylum Sets World Record For Being Good [Kotaku]

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