Microsoft drops price of Xbox 360, no 360 Slim

With the PS3 slim to officially be released next week, despite some stores selling it early, Microsoft is punching back. Microsoft today confirmed that their console will be getting a price cut, and dropping another. The Xbox 360 Elite, their most expensive unit, will be dropped down to the Pro’s price of 299. The Pro, meanwhile, will be getting a 50 dollar cut “while supplies last”.

Yes, Microsoft is dropping the Xbox 360 Pro for good. Two units will now be in production, the Arcade and Elite. There is one hitch though. The Elite will no longer come with an HDMI cable. The price drop is due to lower production costs, thus the lack of HDMI.

Evidently the timing of this price cut is coincidence. I find that slightly hard to believe that an announcement like this would get more attention at some big game conference, just like GamesCom where Sony announced their Slimmer cheaper version.

In either case the console will be cheaper for the upcoming holiday season, but won’t be getting a remodel. “We feel like our system has done very well for us in the current form. We have no plans for a slim.” said Aaron Greenberg, director of product management for the 360.

All the same, they’ve had enough trouble with consoles failing, you don’t need to make it worse by shrinking the innards. I find myself rather interested in seeing where the two consoles go from here. Maybe Nintendo will come out with something big next week. Life sized Yoshi controller? Only time will tell.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Price Drop, Denies Slim 360 Rumors [Kotaku]

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  1. This is extremely amazing! It’s gonna be a tough competition between Microsoft and Sony. But, I wonder if Project Natal comes out, what will Sony do? Oh well for now I guess I just have to decide what console to buy before Aion Online is out.

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