Elvis: The Ed Sullivan Show – The Classic Performances – DVD Review


The King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, is a legendary icon in the music world. From his trademark lip curl, his awesome hair, and his gyrating hips, Elvis captured the hearts of many a teenybopper in his day. His influence of pop culture and the music universe can still be felt today through Elvis impersonators, retrospectives, and the still-popular Graceland.

Back in the mid-sixties, when Elvis’ star was still on the rise, he appeared on the popular variety program The Ed Sullivan Show. This DVD is a collection of all of Presley’s performances on the show throughout the years, and you can tell from the first appearance that he was destined for iconic status.

Not only do you get all of his classic Ed Sullivan performances on one DVD, you also get a plethora of bonus features. This is a must-have for fans of the King, and a welcome edition to the library of any pop music aficionado.

The bonus features include:

Why Ed Didn’t Host Elvis’ First Appearance

Elvis and Ed: Intros and Promos

Special Elvis Moments

Caught on Celluloid: The First Moving Pictures of Elvis

A mini-doc about Elvis’ rise to fame.

Jerry Schilling’s Home Movies

Candid film of Elvis taken by his close friend, and Memphis Mafia member, Schilling.

Remembering Ed and Elvis

Interviews with friends and acquaintances who recall their time with the King and Sullivan.

Music legends don’t get any bigger than Elvis Presley. For those who grew up watching him, and for those who are just discovering his music today, this collection is a fitting tribute to one of the world’s most well-known entertainers.

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