Dreamkiller: Psychonauts Meets Painkiller


You’ve explored peoples’ minds in Psychonauts, but have you committed mass murder in peoples’ minds as a psychologist? Thought not. Check this trailer out.

The debut trailer for Dreamkiller came out today and man, does it look awesome. It isn’t a wholly original plot, nor does it have a wholly original name, but it sure looks exciting. I mean, take the creative adventurism of Psychonauts and then bring the bloodbaths and massacres of Painkiller into it. Who the hell doesn’t want that?

The protagonist of the game is one Alice Drake, a psychologist with a gift for entering peoples’ minds (she probably took that Basic Braining course from Coach Oleander in Psychonauts), and it’s up to her to solve the problems that plague her patients. With machineguns.

Looks pretty good, despite its indie vibe. Zeno Clash appears to be an inspiration, what with the bizarre, punk enemies and the most notable clue: the protagonist hands visible in an earnest, I-want-to-punch-the-hell-out-of-you pose. Hell, the engine looks like it’s the Source engine, though that’s a passing guess off the graphics.

Information looks dodgy on this title, the game doesn’t have an official site, not even a Wikipedia entry. We do know that it will come out later this year, and for the PC and Xbox 360. I’ll be looking forward to this one, it looks… intriguing.

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