Patton Oswalt joins Caprica crew!

Patton oswalt
The Battlestar Galactica spin off just got an extra amount of win. Patton Oswalt, star of Ratatouille and the upcoming Big Fan, will be a recurring character in the new series. Specifically he will be playing the roll of a talk show host comedian with in the BSG universe.

Oswalt’s character will joke about the Cylon creator’s, Daniel Greystone(played by Eric Stoltz), and his upcoming book. Greystone will become a laughing stock because of Oswalt’s character and tries to get booked on the show to salvage his reputation.

I can only expect the most from Patton Oswalt. In recent years he’s proven himself to be more than just a comedian. His role in Ratatouille and from what I’ve seen of his acting in Big Fan have shown a great amount of maturity compared to his older role in the TV series King of Queens. The setting is a bit different from his other roles, but I look forward to see this self-confessed geek in a familiar setting.

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