Next WoW Expansion to be Cataclysmic?

With Blizzcon looming around the corner, rumors about the next expansion keep on popping up. The latest of these rumors reveals a great deal and come from a source known for their accuracy. The name of this expansion, much like many of the rumors in the past due to Blizzard’s copyright of the title, is World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

The focus of the next expansion doesn’t take you to a new land, but an old one that has undergone major changes. The world from the original World of Warcraft(often referred to as vanilla WoW), Azeroth, has been hit by a huge… Cataclysm. Cities are destroyed, leaders are killed, power has shifted, and an old foe who has not appeared in the game has finally come into focus.

The effect this cataclysm has changes the entire landscape of Azeroth, bringing heroes back to familiar lands that aren’t so familiar anymore. Much of the these changes bring heroes to parts we have know of but haven’t been able to approach in the game’s main timeline. The least of those is Gilneas, the land of the Worgen, or Werewolves.

These rumors further follow the idea of new races, the Worgen and Goblin. The Worgen are humans transformed into werewolves who have found a way to cure themselves and gain control of their own mind and affliction. They return to the Alliance and have the ability to change into humans or werewolves, which would likely come into play regarding their racial abilities.

Goblins have been made slaves by the terrible Deathwing through their leader. The few that do not wish to follow Deathwing have allied themselves with the Horde. Not much beyond that is mentioned, but I can only assume the goblins would likely have much emphasis on their love of explosions.

The biggest change gameplay wise, beyond the new races, are the new classes. Well not so much new classes as the ability for old races to use classes they were not able to use originally. All of the old races get at least one new class to play as, with exception of the Tauren who get two.

Unlike with past expansions, the new expansion will not expand the level cap nearly as much. Instead of bringing players of WoW to level 90, as per the usual, the expansion will only add an extra 5 levels. This brings the level cap in the next expansion to level 85. This would mean for less time spent leveling, but is likely aimed at trying to keep players from hitting 100 after the next expansion.

There is much more, including some HUGE spoilers, but to get into specifics might be a bit too much. Confirmation of these rumors are likely to be confirmed or otherwise at Blizzcon, the huge Blizzard focused convention, next week.

For more detailed information, including a lot of spoilers, read it from the source of the MMOchampion article that started this all.

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