Battlestar Galactica remake… wait again?

singer cylon
Battlestar Galactica is getting a reimagining…. AGAIN! The difference this time? It’s being produced by Bryan Singer, director of Superman Returns, X-Men and X-men 2, and excutive producer of the Emmy Award winning TV series House, as a MOVIE, not a TV series.

This actually isn’t the first time Singer has tried to re-imagine Battlestar Galactica. Singer tried remaking the series a few years back, but the series was halted due to the September 11th attacks. Scifi(now SyFy) picked it up and ran with the series to create what is now a pinnacle of quality Science Fiction Television.

The movie will, surprisingly enough, NOT be a continuation or related to the 2000 re-imagined series, but it’s own re-imagining. I can’t say I find that particularly interesting, but Singer is a good director and I hope he can craft a good movie that isn’t hindered by the common perception of Battlestar Galactica as we know it today.

Battlestar Galactica remake report by /film

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