Batman: Arkham Asylum demo this Friday

NANANANANA BATMAN! The game, which many have touted as quite possibly being the best Batman game to exist thus far, will finally be hitting consoles later this month. To tease us until it’s release, Edios is releasing a demo of the game this Friday.

The demo will likely be the same demo that’s been exclusively available in retailers like Walmart and EBgames. It’ll be out for all of the platforms it will be released on, which are the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. The game might be great, might not be, but the fact that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill from the late 90s TV series are there makes it far too cool to pass up.

2 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Asylum demo this Friday”

  1. It’s definitely a game that no one will ever regret buying. I didn’t know that this would be too good that I have already included it on my must-buy list. I hope to own one before Aion Online is launched.

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