The Mafia – DVD Review


Was President John F. Kennedy assassinated by the mob? This and many other questions are explored and answered in The Mafia, an in-depth and comprehensive documentary series about the American mob.

Hosted by Bill Kurtis who once hosted the A&E series American Justice, each episode explores a specific facet or person associated with the Mafia. From its origins in the Prohibition of the 1920s through John Gotti, the series delves into the dark underbelly of organized crime in the United States.

There’s plenty of topics to explore on this four disc set. Episodes include: The Prohibition Years, Birth of the American Mafia, The Kennedys and the Mob, Unions and the Mob, Empire of Crime, Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob, Meyer Lansky: Mob Tycoon, Genovese: Portrait of a Crime Family, Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone and the Machine Gun Massacre, America and the Mob: Wartime Friends, The Gambinos: First Family of Crime, and the bonus documentary Mob Hitmen.

And you thought what happened in the Godfather films was just fiction!

There’s so much to learn and explore over the course of this documentary series. If you enjoy learning about American history, organized crime, or interesting people in American history, I highly recommend The Mafia from the History Channel. Quality documentaries at their finest.

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