Ripped Off: Madoff and the Scamming of America – DVD Review


Who is this sleazy conman, and how did he scam thousands of people into giving their money to him for safekeeping and investment? This and other questions are answered in this relevant and chilling documentary on financial villain Bernie Madoff.

Madoff is responsible for orchestrating one of the largest Ponzi schemes ever seen in the United States. Through its execution, Madoff stole tens of billions of dollars from investors, charities, and hedge funds all for his own financial gain. For decades, Madoff made those who trusted him believe that not only was their money safe, but it was increasing at a steady pace.

But it wasn’t.

And when the economy started to take a nosedive in 2008, Madoff saw the writing on the wall and confessed his evil ways to his family. He soon became the face of corporate greed, evil, and despicable financial behavior. All who invested with him lost billions, from the common man to A-list Hollywood celebs. Madoff was public enemy number one.

The documentary explores the inner-workings of Madoff’s scheme. How he rose to financial power on the backs of those he would soon ruin. It also explores the history of the con artist, the origin of the Ponzi scheme, and how despite warnings by whistleblowers, the Securities and Exchange Commission refused to investigate Madoff and his dealings.

As a bonus, there is another compelling and informative documentary, Crash: The Next Great Depression? Find out how the U.S. and world economies have ended up in the downward spiral that they are currently in.

From the banking crisis, housing crisis, automotive crisis, and more, this important documentary explores where we’ve been, and where we may be going. How did this recession come about? How will we get out of it? And what parallels exist between the Wall Street crash in 1929 and the current crisis in 2009?

Education is the key to understanding the world around you. Both of these documentaries further the examination of our current economic issues, and help keep the average citizen in the loop about what’s going on financially in our society.

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since this documentary aired, Bernie Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years in prison from his crimes. Read more on this topic by clicking here.]

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