Wild Pacific – DVD Review

Wild PacificDVD

Visually stunning and fascinating to watch, Wild Pacific from BBC Earth is a must for fans of the oceans, mysterious islands, the environment, or sea life. Each episode is packed with high-def footage, historical accounts, and lots and lots of species of animal throughout the vast ocean.

Like previous documentaries produced by BBC Earth like Nature’s Most Amazing Events, Wild Pacific takes you inside the world of the oceans, islands, and their multitudinous habitats, creatures, and personalities.

The DVD set includes six episodes: Ocean of Islands, Castaways, Endless Blue, Ocean of Volcanoes, Strange Islands, and Fragile Paradise.

They are each followed by a 10 minute documentary about the making of that particular episode and shows the great lengths the filmmakers go to to ensure the natural environment they explore isn’t disturbed by their presence while still getting the perfect shot.

For ultimate ocean, island, and nature-based excitement, Wild Pacific from BBC Earth is solid entertainment.

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