Second GTAIV DLC dated

Microsoft’s 50 million dollar exclusivity rights to the GTAIV DLC is back for a second episode. Coming this October 29th, Ballad of Gay Tony is coming to the PC and Xbox 360 for 1600 Microsoftland dollars(20 dollars US).

For those that haven’t played the first DLC pack, Lost and Damned, Rockstar is releasing a compilation game featuring the first DLC pack, and the new one for 40 dollars titled Episodes From Liberty City. The Episodes does not require Grand Theft Auto 4 to play, while the stand alone will.

Lost and Damned was rather unique in that it actually changed parts of the gameplay rather than just building on it. If The Balllad of Gay Tony does anything similar then it might stand to be even more unique and with more uncomfortable full frontal nudity than anything we’ve seen in the past.

DLC announcement Via Twitter

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