Konami brings us the Metalocalypse game

Even if you’re not a big fan of metal or rock, it’s hard to dislike Brendon Small’s popular Adult Swim TV series. With the next album from the fictional band Dethklok coming out in September, and the new season consisting entirely of 30 minute episodes TitMouse Inc(seriously, that’s the name of the company) is really upping the ante.

So much so that they have begun working in the field of Gaming. Earlier this year at the E3 Titmouse announced the start of their game studio. The first product they released was a iPhone app called Dr. Zomba. At the same time they announced another title called Seven Haunted Seas, a console RPG about a zombie pirate.

Shortly after that Titmouse announced a partnership with Kevin Eastman, one of the co-creators of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic, to make a game based on a Heavy Metal(the magazine, not the music genre) book called Fistful of Blood.

Well with two games already in development Titmouse confirmed a partnership with Konami to publish a game based on the popular Adult Swim TV series Metalocalypse entitled “Dethgame” for the PSN and XBLA. The show will expand on the TV serie’s story while you control a band of roadies.

There’s little else on the game’s development, such as pictures or a release date, but the few pictures we’ve been shown of the Zombie Pirate game has promise. I can only hope the same great elements that make the TV show great follow into the games they’re developing.

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