Ruby and the Rockits (Episode Reviews) – Part Three


[Ruby & the Rockits premieres Tuesday, July 21 at 8:30pm ET/PT on ABC Family]

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So, what exactly is this show about? Here’s a quick look at the first three episodes of this new ABC Family series.

Episode 01 “Pilot”

Former 80s pop star David Gallagher (David Cassidy) discovers he has a 15 year old daughter, Ruby (Alexa Vega). When he introduces her to his brother Patrick (Patrick Cassidy), his wife Audie (Katie Keane), and their sons Jordan (Austin Butler) and Ben (Kurt Doss), their normal-seeming lives get turned on their heads.

The pilot is hit-and-miss with the jokes, and really has a hard time finding a comedic rhythm to follow. The 80s music video featuring David and Patrick Cassidy is a highlight of the episode. Despite lacking in several areas, the series redeems itself in the following two episodes.

Episode 02 “Save the Last Dance for Me”

Ruby helps arrange and father/daughter dance, but will David show up?

Hits all the right notes and is a solid episode with plenty of jokes and heart. Plus, David Cassidy takes his character to a new level not seen in the pilot, which makes his character all the more endearing, crazy, and unpredictable.

Episode 03 “Do You Want to Blow a Secret”

When Ruby “borrows” Uncle Patrick’s new car to pick up Jordan, she enlists her father to help lie about it. Will the tall tale fly?

Even better than the second episode, this one shows the potential the series has to incorporate all of the characters and their personalities into a solid ensemble cast. Again, David Cassidy is in top form and is definitely a primary reason to tune in. You never quite know what he’ll do or say!

From what I saw during my set visit, one of the upcoming episodes, “Hot for Spanish Teacher,” delivers solid laughs and an energy and edginess that will serve the series well. Let’s hope they keep the jokes as fast and furious as they are in this episode. This one’s a definite must-see, as is the series.

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