Monster Quest: Season Three – DVD Review


Season Three of the hit History Channel series, Monster Quest, continues to spark conversation, speculation, and contemplation about the mysterious creatures that may or may not inhabit our world. Each episode takes an in-depth look at the eyewitness sightings and lore that revolves around each “monster” and does its best to either prove or disprove what has been seen.

It’s quite a compelling series to watch and a lot of times it does make you wonder if these creatures really do exist. If you enjoy investigative shows like those found on History, Discovery, and even Animal Planet, this is a recommended series.

This particular season contains eight curiosity-inducing episodes that include: Death of Loch Ness, Cattle Killers, Swamp Stalker, Devils in New Jersey, Gators in the Sewers, Snowbeast Slaughter, Mega Jaws, and Monster Close Encounters.

For yet another great documentary series from the History Channel, check out Monster Quest: Season Three – Set One on DVD.

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