Bookworm Adventures 2 Coming Very Soon


Lex gets into an all-new adventure and it’s coming out pretty soon! Grab your dictionary!

Could it be real? Has the world inexplicably become awesome? First I hear of LucasArts bringing Monkey Island back, then there’s Microsoft’s Project Natal being available for PCs and now Bookworm Adventures is getting a sequel?!

A press release from PopCap says yes enthusiastically, and the cute green hero Lex from the previous game will be hopping through a host of new adventures, apparently. And perhaps the best part is that the game is going to release exactly one month from today! Rad!

For those of you who have no idea what Bookworm Adventures is (and I know that’s most of you), it’s what you get when you cross a word puzzle game with an RPG- a hilarious indie title of epic proportions. Basically, it’s your standard RPG, but your attacks are determined by the words you form with the tiles you have. Weird, but hilarious all the same.

In the sequel, PopCap boasts an ambitious changelist:

# 3 all-new books of ten chapters each: “Fractured Fairytales,” “The Monkey King” and “Astounding Planets”!
# All-new infinite Replay mode! Pick a book, fight foes and score big points!
# 6 mini-games, including all-new “Mutant Words,” “Golden Coins” and “Word Up”!
# Battle more than 130 ferocious new foes while wielding over 20 terrific new treasures!
# Companions! Literary figures join Lex and battle by his side!
# Rainbow Tiles! New potent wild card tiles allow you to build the gigantic words of your dreams!
# Arena mode! Spell quickly to defeat your toughest enemies!
# Achievements – earn trophies, points and badges!

Sounds like a sweet set of new features. I’m really interested in the companions bit. The PR says that we’ll be seeing folks like The Cheshire Cat and Mother Goose. The books appear to be centered around themes of fairy tales and astronomy, though “The Monkey King” stumps me. A Lion King spoof, perhaps?

In any case, I’m hugely hyped up for this title and am really looking forward to it.

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