Fallout 3’s DLC for Playstation 3 update

Don’t worry PS3 owners, Bethesda hasn’t forgotten about you. When Fallout 3 was featured at last year’s E3 during the Microsoft Press Conference there was an out cry of PlayStation 3 owners. One of the biggest sequels from one of the biggest critically acclaimed developers with exclusive content for the Xbox 360.

We saw the same thing with Grand Theft Auto 4, but with the turn around there being several months apart there hasn’t been as much outcry. With the Fallout 3 DLC packs nearing their Fifth pack on the 360, the first release of the PlayStation 3 packs have found trouble.

What trouble exactly entails we are not told, but what we are told is that the first DLC pack to come out will reach your PlayStation 3 by the end of September. How are they going to make up for the time delay? No it’s not free. They’re changing the order.

The third and possibly most significant pack on the 360, Broken Steel, will be released first. Broken Steel, much like the other expansion packs, includes new quests, perks, armor, weapons, and characters. Unlike the other expansion packs it allows players to pick up where the game originally ends and brings a higher level cap.

PS3 Fallout 3 Fans have been asking for the ability to play beyond the ending since the game came out, so I’m sure PS3 owners are more than happy to welcome the addition of Broken Steel as their first paid DLC pack.

Bethesda on the PS3 Fallout 3 DLC

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