Ryan Reynolds is… Hal Jordon? HELLS YEAH!

Yesterday held the blackest night with the rumor of Justin Timberlake. Today is the brightest day. Forgive the nerdism, I’m just rather ecstatic about this. Yesterday I reported that Justin Timberlake was being considered and tested for the titular hero of the Green Lantern Movie. Today a decision has been reached.

Four candidates were considered for the role of Hal Jordan. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, Jared Leto, and Bradley Cooper. Of the four Timberlake and Leto are the two I would least like to see in the role. I’d be fine with Bradley Cooper after the Hangover and pleased as punch with Ryan Reynolds.

The Hollywood Reporter today reports that Reynolds has been chosen of the four. The studio had holding options for the other three that ended on Monday, with Reynolds on Friday. Despite growing up in Los Angeles, what Hollywood report meant by that is foreign to me.

Regardless, all that remains now is for contracts and such to be written up. If all goes well Reynolds will be the first actor to be a hero in both a Marvel and DC movie.

Now while I do find the casting better than what AICN reported yesterday it’s still a bit of a troubling choice. Hal Jordan is the peak of the GLs. He’s one of the more serious Green Lanterns. Ryan Reynold’s humor applied well to Deadpool, but a more serious actor would suit the character well.

Even if the casting is a bit off color it might do well. The screenplay writers have worked on TV series of merit and maturity, which means we might not end up with another Fantastic Four catastrophe. I’m just eager to see what the props are going to be like.

Hollywood Reporter’s report

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