Review Wii: Vertigo! It’s Fun to Play with Balls!

People with Vertigo don’t like heights very much, but apparently if you are a ball that has to race through mazes and puzzles quickly and accurately without falling to you detonation; you too would have Vertigo.
Vertigo is a fun, fast paced, ball racing game that does a pretty nice job of utilizing the Wii-mote and its motion capabilities. Looking past the very basic graphic rendering, Vertigo is a lot of fun. The techno music makes you want to roll quickly and effectively to a nice silver or gold time. Vertigo also puts your mind to work; their is plenty of tricky mind challenging courses. I must say though, the techno gets a little repetitive after a few session of single player.

The multiplayer offers a whole other world of ball rolling fun! Conveniently for up to 4 players as well! There is a battle mode with weapons that let you attack and blow your friends up. Their is even a Wii Bowling like mode that honestly looks like something straight out of hyper-bowl. (Digital bowling at the Sony Metreon) And of course their simple race to the finish mode where you can bump and bully your friends balls off course so you can make it in the hole. (OK enough with the dirty proverbs)


Basically Vertigo is a fun, simple, and entertaining way to kill some time or have a good laugh with friends and family.

This game would be an AMAZING title on the iPhone, and for the 19.99 price tag its a decent Wii game. The lasting appeal isn’t much because it does get dull after a little bit; and honestly the Wii isn’t much about graphics any way. The game is something you should look to pickup used from gamestop or from a friend. The gameplay, sounds, and features certainly let this game stand out. It really is just a simple arcade game; and since theirs no online multiplayer im not sure how many times after inital purchasing a player would find himself countinually wasting countless hours of time replaying Vertigo.

The game is certainly worth a play, but just be aware of what your are paying for; Vertigo gets a 2 out of 5 stars; Playlogic has something really cool here; its just a matter of getting it to the right people on the right platform. (This game REALLY screams iPhone)


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