Extreme Trains: Season One – DVD Review

Extreme Trains DVD cover

I love the History Channel! I have yet to watch a series or special on this channel that I have not thoroughly enjoyed. And Extreme Trains is no different. This in-depth and informational look at trains of all shapes, sizes, and purposes kept me glued to my TV.

The series is hosted by real-life Maine train conductor Matt Brown. Don’t let the intense look on the DVD’s cover fool you; this guy is a fun and passionate goofball. He’s what Mike Rowe is to Dirty Jobs, and he has no problem getting his hands dirty in order to become fully involved in the experiences he is involved in.

This first season looks at eight of America’s most fascinating locomotives. These include: Coal Trains, Freight Trains, High Speed Trains, the Ice Cold Express, Steam Trains, Overnight Travelers, Circus Trains, and the Transcontinental Railroad.

Each episode brings the viewer inside the world of the men and women who make train travel and transport possible, whether on or off the rails. You also learn about the terminology associated with trains and how hi-tech the industry has become since its inception over a century ago.

Each disc contains bonus footage that gives even more insight into the world of trains. All good stuff.

For fans of trains, educational documentaries, or just for fans of quality History Channel programs, I highly recommend Extreme Trains: Season One. Definitely worth watching!

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