Full Length District 9 trailer emerges

Thank you Peter Jackson. Thank you for having the clout to bring Neill Blomkamp to the silver screen. A few years ago Peter Jackson tried to get a relatively unknown advertisement and short film director behind what was potentially the biggest video game movie ever. The movie wasn’t made and Neill Blomkamp was instead given the job of directing Halo 3 commercials.

Four years later and still no Halo movie. What we do have however is a viral monster. District 9 is a movie based on a short film Blomkamp did called Alive in Joburg, about aliens coming to earth and being forced into being third class citizens.

The movie is significant not only for being Blomkamp’s first major motion picture, but also for it’s advertisement campaign. Sony has decided to go with a major viral advertisement campaign instead the typical advertisements.

If you live in any major city you’ve undoubtedly seen these advertisements. Posters encouraging people to report non-human activities and prohibiting non-humans from using bus stops. It’s a massive campaign that’s done so brilliantly it’s caught the attention of more than just the people who watch the internet.

Well a trailer for District 9 has come out. No, it’s not the one seen before X-men Origins. The new trailer features much more, including the movie’s actual plot rather than just teasing at it.

I love the trailer. Some of the flash cuts when they’re in the shack make finding out what we’re looking at hard to determine, but the action and special effects there are solid.

The story, if it were your typical alien movie, wouldn’t be much to look at. The fact that Blomkamp also wrote the script and is shooting it in the same documentary style that Joburg had might just give the alien genre a new star.

Alive in Joburg:

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