Pink Panther 2 – DVD Review

pink panther 2 dvd

Okay, I’ll admit it, I did laugh more than once during this slapstick-laden pun fest. It’s very silly, goofy, and stupid most of the time. But there are moments that are quite amusing and clever.

Steve Martin (Bowfinger, Father of the Bride, Shopgirl, Saturday Night Live) returns as the inept Inspector Jacques Clouseau. His French accent does become irritating after a while, but most every actor (aside from those that already have accents) in the film has some quirky foreign accent that they are putting on.

It’s a who’s who of celebs that includes people I was surprised to see in a film of this nature. They include: Andy Garcia (Oceans 11), Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2), Jean Reno (The DaVinci Code), John Cleese (Will & Grace, Die Another Day, Monty Python and the Holy Grail), Emily Mortimer (Scream 3), Lily Tomlin (Flirting with Disaster, Orange County), Jeremy Irons (Lolita, Appaloosa), and CNN reporter Christian Amanpour.

I also have to give the cinematography praise. There are a number of shots in the film that are quite stunning and exceptional for a silly PG-rated comedy.

The plot? The diabolical Tornado is stealing artifacts from all over the world. A dream team is assembled to hunt him down and stop the man before he strikes again. When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen by the Tornado, Clouseau and company go on the hunt for the man whose actions have robbed the world of some of its most precious treasures.

As the plot thickens so do the accent, double-entendres, and physical comedy. By no means a great film, it does serve its purpose a diversion from the depressing headlines of the day.

Will Clouseau and his team stop the Tornado before it’s too late?

Special features include:

Gag Reel

Silly adults doing silly things.

Drama is Easy…Comedy is Dangerous

A look at the myriad stunts and slapstick in the film.

A Dream Team Like No Other

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pink Panther 2.

Pink Panther 2 is recommended for fans of Steve Martin, the Pink Panther franchise, or those who enjoy pratfalls and slapstick silliness. It’s mindless escapism in a 90 minute package.

**I also highly recommend the classic Pink Panther films of Peter Sellers for those who truly want to experience this brand of comedic lunacy in all its glory.

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