Zack Snyder Reveals More About 300 Sequel


In an interview, Snyder talks about what we’re going to see in the sequel to 300, and what maybe even how it will look!

Snyder was chatting with Superhero Hype! when he threw in some details about the 300 sequel. We knew very little about the sequel uptil now other than that it existed and that Frank Miller was writing it.

Snyder says that Miller is writing it right now and that it the story will be on a grander scale than the previous one. It will be set in Ancient Greece as before, and we know that we will see Athens and the Aegean, so the direction looks really epic this time around.

Despite this, Snyder maintains that they’re going to aim for the same look as the previous film (I don’t think you can make 300 without that golden look), so we’re just going to have to wait.

As for what we will see, I’m placing my bets on the Peloponnesian War, but I’m no expert in Ancient Greece, so don’t look at me now, I’m just waiting for some really badass Spartan action.

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