Crackdown 2, more of the same… YAY!

The city is infected, and you are the cure. Does that mean more explosions? Yes the agency is back in Pacific City and we’re getting more of the same. The super soldier sandbox game is back, and this time there seems to be some controversy.

It’s been two years since the original Crackdown came out like gang busters and tore up the gaming world. Many fans of the series, including myself, have been patiently waiting for the announcement of the game’s sequel, which was announced at the E3.

The controversy is this: the game is not developed by Realtime worlds, the developer of the original game lead by the creator of the original Grand Theft Auto David Jones. Instead it’s being made by a company that came from Realtime worlds. In fact, it’s been recently stated that the new company, Ruffian, is comprised of close to half of the original Crackdown Team.

This created an awkward situation for the two companies. They all used to work together and both companies are actually with in the same city. The Crackdown devs over at Realtime feel betrayed and are a little angry that Microsoft would choose a company so close to Real World for the Sequel.

Despite their distaste of Microsoft’s choice, I think Microsoft couldn’t have made a better choice. The company consists of people who know the game and who have worked on other critically acclaimed titles in the past like Fable 2 and Gotham Project Racing 2.

This is all old news though, so what’s new? Well Crackdown 2’s world apparently. In a interview with Edge, several of Ruffian Game’s executives have commented on the changes their focusing on. Namely the city in the game.

The game takes place in the future of the original Crackdown, and because of that Pacific city has changed. It might look similar in some of the aspects of the city, while looking dramatically different in others.

I’m interested to say the least. Parts of the original Crackdown are really nice urban landscapes that really stick out in my mind, while others were blatantly flat and boring areas. If the world stayed the same I would be tremendously disappointed.

Whatever the case is for Crackdown 2, I hope Ruffian keeps up their end. To sully the sweet memories I have from the original would be a crime against humanity.

Edge interview with Ruffian

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