Microsoft responds to Natal console rumor

Microsoft has finally responded to the rumor that their Project Natal is a new console. They’re kind of what I expected them to be. The entire notion that Project Natal is a new console is wild speculation based on very little. Well seems like I was right to be skeptical.

Xbox Live Group Manager Aaron Greenberg has told Eurogamer today that “I can confirm that Natal will run on Xbox 360 so no new console investment will be necessary.” I know what you’re going to say, stop being so stubborn.

The idea that that statement is all a ploy to get people hot off their trail is ridiculous. If the rumor had an inkling of truth I would expect Microsoft to say “We have no comment on the matter at this moment,” or something similar. The fact that this entire rumor is based on a vague wording that jumped from point A to point X just seems like people desperately pulling for some piece of information.

This piece of information is hot on the heels of a new rumor started focused on the next Xbox that doesn’t have to do with it being Project Natal, in fact the rumor directly contradicts that rumor. TeamXbox contends that the next console isn’t going to be released until after 2010, which means it wouldn’t be related to the Project Natal release.

But why not until after 2010? One Letter, one number, 3D Xbox. The reasoning is that Microsoft is waiting until 3D TVs become more commonplace to release their new Xbox with support for said 3D TVs. Now, while this might mean those who don’t have 3D TVs if the rumor is true will be forced to wear annoying glasses constantly, it’s a really cool idea.

I’ve seen Coraline in 3D, I’ve seen UP in 3D, it’s not nearly the same as it was even a few years ago. RealD 3D is an amazing piece of technology that creates a depth in the movie rather than just makes for a cheap gimmick. It’s amazingly cool, and if Microsoft can create this same effect at home for a video game, then they deserve some well earned kudos.

Only time will tell if the rumor is true, but the idea makes sense with 3D rapidly becoming a common addition to movies makes it seem like it has a small ground for truth.

MIcrosoft’s response to Project Natal rumor
TeamXbox’s 3D Xbox rumor

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