Project Natal Is Microsoft’s Next Console?


Rumour has it that Microsoft is gearing up to launch a brand new console next year – bundled with none other than Project Natal.

1UP reports that Microsoft is reading a new console for next fall, and it will have Project Natal for its controller. Be advised though, that this, and what follows does not come from a Microsoft announcement, so at the moment it’s in the rumour stage.

According to 1UP, the new console won’t be a massive leap, but will be something of an evolved form of the Xbox 360. Expect some improved hardware, backwards-compatibility and a rebranding (still under the Xbox brand, but with a flashy new name; Xbox Natal?)

Project Natal will of course, be the highlight of the platform. Next fall sounds pretty early for technology as futuristic as Natal to launch. What will the launch titles be? I’m itching to say Halo, largely because it will be awesome to fondle Cortana play Master Chief with Natal.

2 thoughts on “Project Natal Is Microsoft’s Next Console?”

  1. It’s definitely going to be a low cost system to directly compete against the Wii. If it does come out, I’d say it’ll cost $199. It might replace the Xbox Arcade bundle. I really don’t think it will be a separate system entirely. All Microsoft needs to do is bundle the Xbox 360 and Project Natal and the world will flip out. I could see Microsoft using Project Natal on future consoles, but that’s saying that the technology works.

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