Life Without ‘Lost’? Six Ways to Survive the Hiatus


A couple weeks ago, Lost concluded its fifth season with a two-hour finale that left more questions than it did answers (standard Lost storytelling). With the sixth and final season not until February 2010, what is the poor Lost fan to do?

I’m glad I asked myself this question. Here are six things you can do to survive the hiatus and retain your sanity:

1. Start a Lost Support Group – Hold weekly meetings and watch Lost beginning with season one. Discuss the intricacies of the character’s lives and how what is set-up in seasons one through five may impact what is seen in season six. This may also aid in curing any withdrawal symptoms that may occur as a result of new Lost episodes.

2. Find a New Series to Obsess Over – There are plenty of TV series currently on the air that are worthy of one’s attention. While they may not be on the same level as Lost, they can help keep the edge off until the new season begins. Consider that many networks and cable channels have new shows during the summer, so there are plenty of opportunities to become addicted.

3. Write Your Own Ending – This could also be a part of #1, but can also be done alone. How do you think Lost will end? Why not be creative this summer and write your own series finale. Then, when the final episode airs, you can see how accurate your predictions were. It’s also a great way to see if you have a knack for writing a one-hour TV series.

4. Track the Symbols – Watch each episode of Lost. Find every book, song, movie, or other reference mentioned. Write them down. Read, listen to, or explore these items and learn what their significance is within the context of the series. May also be wrapped into #1, and could be broken up into teams for a faster compiling of data.

5. Travel – Visit all the locations where characters have been on the show. Yes, everything is filmed in Hawaii, but the places Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and other grew up and lived are real and around the world. Hop on a plane or car and go searching. If you find the Island, let us know!

6. Let it Go! – Just walk away from Lost. Forget about it until 2010. Go out. Go for walks. Reconnect with loved ones. Enjoy life.

Hopefully, these suggestions will aid you in your quest for peace of mind during this troubling Lost-less time. I know that after the series finale it will be even harder to cope, but for now we have to stay strong and be glad that another season still awaits us.


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