A Bug’s Life – Blu-ray Review


A Bug’s Life is one of my favorite Disney/Pixar collaborations. It’s fun, has great characters, and an engaging story. The second movie from Pixar Animation Studios, Toy Story being the first, A Bug’s Life continued to raise the bar on how innovative and exciting computer animation could and would become.

Since then, computer animated films have become a mainstay in movie theatres. From the latest from Pixar (like Up), to DreamWorks (Madagascar 2, Shrek 4), these fun family-friendly films are here to stay. While there have been adult-oriented CG films like Beowulf and Final Fantasy, the movies that have garnered the most acclaim and success are the ones the whole family can enjoy.

And that’s why A Bug’s Life continues to be enjoyable even 11 years after its initial release. It’s also important to note that this same year, DreamWorks released Antz, which did not fare well opposite the Disney/Pixar film. A Bug’s Life made $363 million worldwide, while Antz made less than half of that with $172 million worldwide.

So now, A Bug’s Life has come to Blu-ray. One of the main differences between this Blu-ray and other recent Disney/Pixar releases is that this version does not contain a DVD copy of the film. You get the Blu-ray and the Digital Copy, but no DVD. It’s not really a problem for Blu-ray owners, but DVD stalwarts will have to download the Digital Copy and be happy without seeing any special features.

And what are those special features?

A Bug’s Life: The First Draft

Original concept animation based on the original treatment for the story. Introduced by director John Lasseter.

Filmmakers’ Round Table

The creators of the film reflect on what it took to make this type of film in 1998.

Behind the Scenes of A Bug’s Life

See what new technologies were used and how the story and characters were designed to create this second Disney/Pixar flick.

Geri’s Game: Academy Award-Winner (1997) – Best Animated Short Film

Another classic Pixar short. It’s good stuff.

A Walt Disney Silly Symphony: Grasshopper and the Ants

Classic Disney cartoon with a moral at the end. Watch and learn.


Like Toy Story and Toy Story 2, these are great outtakes that feature the characters from the film as if they are real actors flubbing lines, etc. Great fun!

Director Audio Commentary by John Lasseter

Along with all of these features, you also get a FREE movie ticket for the new Pixar movie Up, in theatres May 29!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy A Bug’s Life in Blu-ray quality picture and sound. It truly is “an epic presentation of miniature proportions!”

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