The Best of Whose Line is it Anyway? Uncensored! – DVD Review


Warning: This disc contains content that was not originally broadcast due to mature themes, adult language, and sexual content. Viewer and parental discretion is advised.

And so begins your journey into the dark and twisted world that is Whose Line is it Anyway? Not really. I just found the disclaimer that appears before the main menu on both discs rather amusing. What’s also amusing is that I was unable to find, in all the episodes on both discs, anything that would have been deemed “too hot for TV.”

Is there content present that would fit under this category? Of course. But most of it aired on TV, as I recall. Especially the Richard Simmons episodes (which clocks in at around 20 minutes). Very disturbing sexual content, yet nothing that wasn’t broadcast on both ABC and ABC Family. Hm.

I love Whose Line is it Anyway? It’s a fun show that’s full of lots of laughs. For those not in the know, Whose Line is an improv show that began over in Europe, was a hit, and was then retooled and brought here (like The Office). Hosted by Drew Carey (now host of The Price is Right), the comedy series had four improv comics who participate in improvisation games.

Usually a combo of Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis, a few women, the show boasts that “everything’s made up, and the points don’t matter,” which is true. The fun of the show isn’t in any competition; it’s in what these improv comedians do with the scenarios they’re given. It’s indeed comic gold.

This DVD set contains ten of the best episodes of the series, which also include guest stars like Richard Simmons, David Hasselhoff, Kathy Griffin, Jerry Springer, and Florence Henderson. There’s also a one-hour special that contains highlights from season one and two. The special with “once-censored” material, also aired on ABC originally in its entirety.

So, I guess my only question is: where’s the wild and crazy uncensored stuff? Where’s the profanity, the nudity, the overt sexual humor? Maybe I’m too jaded and desensitized, but I didn’t see anything in this uncensored edition that didn’t air on TV. If you find something, let me know.

For fun times, good laughs, and great comedy, I highly recommend Whose Line is it Anyway? Good stuff!

** Just to be safe, in case I did miss something, it’s probably best to watch these BEFORE you let your kids watch them.**

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