Alan Wake Still Coming, Now With New Motion Capture


The long-delayed, near-vapourware Alan Wake is still on its way, and now has new motion capture animations!

Alan Wake, the newest and strongest competitor to the greatest vaporware title after Duke Nukem Forever, now appears to be on a steady path to stop being vaporware, and actually making it to release.

We saw that a month and a half ago, Remedy revealed how light is going to be an important factor in the game and its inclusion will be ‘pioneering’ in video games. Now we know that Remedy’s also updated their animations via a partnership with Imagination Studios.

Imagination Studios has supplied Remedy with new animations and motion capture. May not sound like very exciting news, but at least now we know that this elusive psychological thriller is actually being made and will not, thankfully, be “in development” for 12 years before having its developer disappear into thin air with a small goodbye note.

We’re looking at you, 3D Realms.

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