Call of Duty 7 Possibly Set in Vietnam, Cuba


Activision’s music licensing habits have possibly given away a clue to where the next CoD game will take you: Vietnam. Or Cuba.

The dudes over at That VideoGame Blog have a spy in Activision’s offices and he tells them that Activision has been looking to license Cuban, Vietnamese, African and Soviet music. Specifically, they’re looking for Vietnam-Era music.

Treyarch is handling this installment, as they usually take turns with Infinity Ward. Right now, Infinity Ward is busy with Modern Warfare 2 (or, Call of Duty 6) and their next installment should roll in 2011. Treyarch takes the 2010 slot and this looks like the game they’re working on.

Sounds fairly legit to me. I mean, there’s not a whole lot of ground you can cover with a series like this. You have World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba and the Bay of Pigs and Afghanistan/Iraq (which you can has been covered by Modern Warfare and its sequel).

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