Lost Episode Recap – The Variable – 100th Episode! – Coming Soon


Unfortunately, no one at StuffWeLike.com is available to do a recap tonight, so while you await my analysis sometime tomorrow, here’s a picture of Evangeline Lily (Kate) that should keep you company in the interim. Enjoy!


There was a time in the history of episodic television when the 100th episodes of a series meant something. It was a milestone, a genuine moment of success for the show in question. It meant, at the very least, the series was in its fifth season and had sustainability to last another two or three seasons.

The show’s popularity was still on a strong footing, and along with that the inevitable syndication rights! Yes, the multi-million dollar deal that would ensure the cast and all other people associated with the series endless residuals as the show went on and on on various other networks.

So, with Lost already on Sci-Fi Channel, does that minimize this milestone for the series? It’s doubtful. In this overexposed, new media age that we live in, Lost and dozens of other first-run series are available on Hulu, imdb.com, and the network’s websites. It’s a changing world that TV now resides in, and keeping with tradition would do nothing but cause the networks to look antiquated and behind the times. But enough of my history lesson…

It’s Lost’s 100th episode!!! Woo-hoo!!

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve finally made it to the big triple-digit ep that will have audiences glued to their HDTV screens. Will it be the highest rated ep of the season? Quite possibly. Will they answer many of the unanswered questions posed this season? With Daniel Faraday’s return, it’s quite possible that they will. But, as we all know by now, Lost likes to play head games with its audience in order to keep us tuned in. And with tonight’s episode, “The Variable,” all bets, as always, are off.

Check back tomorrow for the rest!

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