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On the eve of the new Star Trek’s theatrical release (which co-stars our own David Rodriguez!), Paramount has brought forth a 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the space satire Galaxy Quest. A fast-paced, laugh-filled, comedy, Galaxy Quest pokes fun at the sci-fi community at large.

A spoof of Star Trek, Galaxy Quest explores the idea of what might happen if a group of aliens came to earth and sought help from the “crew” of a long cancelled sci-fi series. As you may have guessed, hilarity ensues, along with some pretty awesome special effects.


And check out this cast! Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Heartbreakers), Tim Allen (Home Improvement), Tony Shalhoub (Wings, Monk), Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Sweeny Todd), Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me!, Veronica Mars), and Sam Rockwell (Choke, Iron Man 2) bring their A-games and deliver laughs aplenty throughout this fun-filled and exciting movie about teamwork, friendship, and the mantra “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!”

So what makes this Deluxe Edition so deluxe? Well, it’s economical for one. Only one DVD graces this collection, but the features more than make up for it. And what might those features be? I’m glad you asked:

Historical Documents: The Story of Galaxy Quest

A retrospective featurette on the genesis of the film and how it went from idea to sleeper hit.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender: The Intrepid Crew of the NSEA Protector

The writers, director, and actors reflect on their characters and how they used their own experiences in their roles. You also get insight into the acting process.

By Grabthar’s Hammer: What Amazing Effects

A look at the many types of effects utilized in the film. Check out the interview with Stan Winston who designed the creature effects on the film.


Alien School: Creating the Thermian Race

Learn how sometimes what’s on the page gets even better when an actor like Enrico Colantoni takes control of his part. Insights into the evolution of the Thermians from bland aliens to unique space creatures.

Actors in Space

See how actors play actors and enjoy acting as actors. Huh??

Sigourney Weaver Raps

Weaver raps a special birthday song for her agent with the help of a few cast members from the film.

Deleted Scenes

You get the idea.

Thermian Audio Track

Watch the movie in the language of the Thermians. Fun at first, but the novelty soon wanes.

All in all an excellent buy for the Galaxy Quest fan. I highly recommend it. A++!

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  1. For years this has been all that Star Trek fans have had! Thank God that the new movie actually looks awesome!

    The new extra features on this DVD aren’t a lot, but they are very well made and extremely enjoyable.

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