New Alan Wake Details, Finally


Alan Wake’s still under production, and still surrounded by mystery. Some new details throw the light on it, and that’s a pun.

First, the details. Light will play an important part in the game experience; we don’t know the exacts, but Remedy is looking to do some pioneering stunts with that.

Remedy is, if you don’t know, the developer of the original Max Payne, which introduced the revolutionary bullet-time in video games. Remedy hopes to do the same with their newest innovations, light and weather.

There will be day/night cycles in the game, and they will seemingly play in with the whole light mumbo-jumbo. Interestingly, weather will be a very important gameplay mechanic. It makes sense in some of the more intuitive situations, for eg. driving a car in heavy rain is a bad idea as opposed to, I don’t know, clear skies?

But some other times, it perhaps may not be as obvious. The weather in the game will influence some of the moments in the game, but Remedy refuses to indulge us further. As you’d expect from a game that is a psychological thriller in the first place, the mystery surrounding the game is thick, as is the release date.

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