The Penguins of Madagascar – TV Show Premiere Review


PROGRAMMING ALERT: The following series premieres Saturday, March 28 from 9:30-10pm (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Check local listings.

When it comes to computer-animated TV series, the quality is usually less than stellar. In fact, most of the time it looks cheap, clunky, and like a rushed together student film project. Luckily, for kids and adults, The Penguins of Madagascar presents solid CG animation that is on par with the films it is spun-off from.

Based on characters introduced in the Dreamworks movies Madagascar and Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, the show details the lives and adventures of (you guessed it) the penguins from the movies.


The Penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, are an elite and efficient unit who work to help other animals in peril at the Central Park Zoo. Each episode revolves around these four, their interactions with each other, and their heroic efforts around the zoo and elsewhere.


Also along for the ride are the penguin’s friend Marlene (voiced by Nicole Sullivan), an otter, and the pain in the butt lemur King Julien and his cohorts Maurice and Mort (voiced by Andy Richter).

The animation is slick and entertaining, and the multitude of sound effects help bring the scenes and characters alive with stunning realism (yes, I know, they’re talking animals). It’s also a pretty funny show that is sure to entertain kids and give parents a few laughs at times as well.


The half-hour series premieres Saturday, March 28 at 9:30pm (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon following the 22nd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards hosted by Dwayne Johnson (Race to Witch Mountain). After that, watch for it on Nickelodeon for two weeks at 8pm from March 30 to April 10. Then (still with me?), the show will move to its regular timeslot on Saturdays at 10am starting April 18.

If you enjoyed the Madagascar films, you’ll definitely enjoy The Penguins of Madagascar. The Penguins of Madagascar receives an A. Good animation, good characters, and good, clean fun.

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