Watch GDC 2009 Awards Live on G4, Tim Schafer is Hosting

header_mainG4’s X-Play will be airing the Game Developers Choice Awards on April 10th (the actual event is on March 25th), but why should you watch it? I’ll tell you: Tim Schafer.

GDC’s right around the corner, as the image I shameless stole and resized will tell you. But you don’t get to get in unless you’re a game developer, or a ninja. Still, most of the cool stuff should be Internet from services like GameTrailers.

So what’s the big deal with the awards, you ask? I mean, we’ll get the results on the Internet too, right? Maybe, but can you inhale the awesomeness of Tim Schafer hosting the awards ceremony, sir? I think not.

So catch the show, for the father of Grim Fandango and Psychonauts, on G4’s X-Play at 6:30 PM on April the 10th.

One thought on “Watch GDC 2009 Awards Live on G4, Tim Schafer is Hosting”

  1. If Tim’s the father of Psychonauts, I guess that makes me the grandfather. Thanks for the info when the airing is.

    John Schafer

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