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Previously on Lost: The Island travels through time. Ben (Michael Emerson) has assembled as many of the Oceanic Six to return to the Island along with Locke’s body (from the episode titled “316”).

In “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” Locke (Terry O’Quinn) leaves the Island to retrieve the Oceanic Six (the events of which happened before the events of the previous episode, “316.” If you watch Lost religiously, you understand how this works.) At first he’s aided by Charles Widmore (Alan Dale). But Ben has his own plans, and he convinces Locke that Whitmore’s plans are devious.

After Locke fails to convince any of the Oceanic Six to return to the Island, he tries to kill himself. Ben stops him in the nick of time, only to strangle Locke to death after he mentions the name Eloise Hawking (who is also Daniel Faraday’s mom). Then Ben stages Locke’s death as a suicide.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that the Oceanic Six are now back on the Island, the brought Locke’s body along, and now Locke is alive again.

At the end of last week’s episode “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” Locke is taken to see the survivors of the Ajira Air crash. Upon seeing Ben, who was on the plane, he comments that Ben is the man who killed him.

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff that happened over the last two eps.

Now on to tonight’s episode, “La Fleur,” which delivers insight into what happened to the Island after Locke left. What follows is a trip through time, forward three years and back again. Three years after Locke moves the Island, Sawyer and company are still on the Island.

But what’s this? They’re working for the Dharma Initiative? Sawyer is Head of Security and is referred to as La Fleur? And when are we? We also get a back view of what may be the whole statue that belongs to the four-toed foot seen previously. Is it Egyptian in design like the hieroglyphics on various Island structures?

Charlotte’s body has diappeared. Daniel Faraday is in shock. And after Sawyer and Juliette save a woman (Amy) and her Dharma suit wearing husband from an attack by two Hostiles, Juliette figures they must be back in 1974. The group follows Amy and come across the ol’ sonic fence, which she tricks them into believing she’s turned off. So, when our Lost pals cross through the invisible shield, they are rendered unconscious.

Three years later (1977) and Amy’s in labor. She needs a C-section. Enter Juliette, who is reluctant to help. And what’s this? Jin can speak perfect English now? The delivery is a success. Amy has given birth to a boy with Juliette’s help. And both baby and mother survived! A first for Juliette on the Island.

Three years earlier, James tells Horace (one of the Dharma people) that his last name is La Fleur. Sawyer and his people were in a shipwreck and that’s how they landed on the Island. Horace tells Sawyer that he’s going to put him and the others on a sub in the morning headed to Tahiti. Apparently, Sawyer and his friends aren’t Dharma material.

Meanwhile, Jin, Juliette, Daniel and Miles sit outside. And Daniel spots the toddler version of Charlotte. As Sawyer reunites with his pals, an alarm sounds. A Hostile is coming! A torch in hand. But don’t we know him? Indeed we do: It’s Richard Alpert!!!! In the words of Sawyer, “Oh no.”

Horace exits the safety of his Dharma home to confront Richard Alpert. Alpert says that the Dharma people have broken their truce; he wants to know where his two men (now dead thanks to Sawyer and Juliette) are. Horace returns inside, asks about the bodies. Sawyer goes to confront Alpert; tells him he killed Alpert’s men. Says he’s not part of the Dharma Initiative. The truce hasn’t been broken.

Sawyer reveals what he knows about Alpert’s encounters with John Locke 20 years prior and the Hydrogen bomb known as Jughead. Alpert still wants justice. They decide to give the body of Amy’s husband to Alpert in trade. Hoarce allows Sawyer and the gang to stay for two more weeks (when the sub returns again) in exchange for their help. Juliette tells Sawyer she wants to leave, but Sawyer convinces her to stay for two more weeks.

Three years later. There’s love in the air. Sawyer (La Fleur) and Juliette are a couple? Having an intimate dinenr for two? And what’s this? Juliette: “I love you.” Sawyer: “I love you, too.” Whoa! A lot’s happened in the past three years. I guess Kate was just a summer thing!

But, uh-oh, aren’t Kate, Jack, and Hurley now back on the Island and in 1977? Can somebody say love triangle?

Sawyer tells Hoarace he’s now a father. He’s now married to Amy. We discover that he and Amy had a fight over a necklace once owned by her now dead husband Paul who was killed three years before. Horace asks if three years is really long enough to get over someone? Sawyer tells Horace about his lost love, Kate. He can barely remember her. She’s never coming back. He’s moved on…

That is, until the next morning when he gets a phone call from Jin. When he goes to meet up with Jin, he’s reunited with Jack, Hurley, and of course, Kate. What’s a guy to do?

Lost takes a break next week and returns on March 18 with an all new episode at 9/8c on ABC.

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