Poison Ivy: The Secret Society – DVD Review

Poison Ivy: The Secret Society

This is the fourth installment of the Poison Ivy series, and quite possibly the worst. With an opening scene of a girl being chased by someone, which contains nearly 80 cuts in less than 3 minutes, one would be led to believe the film at least would excitingly bad.

That it is not, and the story only helps to compliment the extremely lame, mediocre film making which accompanies it the rest of the 92 minutes. Focusing on a country girl going away to college where a group of hooded coeds say a bunch of gobbty goup about their sorority, and then the craziest girl has sex with a son and his father (killing him during the act). That’s just the beginning!

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3 thoughts on “Poison Ivy: The Secret Society – DVD Review”

  1. honestly felt as if i just wasted how ever long the duration of the movie thinking it might get interesting..waste of my procrastination time. you are right all i got from this movie was it really paralleled soft core porn.

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