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If 24 were a sci-fi series, this just may have been a great episode. Jack Bauer must race against time to stop mirror-embedded terrorists from destroying his family. But, 24 isn’t that type of show so Mirrors will have to do. And it does so quite effectively.

Kiefer Sutherland reflects on his situation in Mirrors
Kiefer Sutherland reflects on his situation in Mirrors

Kiefer Sutherland (24, see where my reference comes in) plays suspended NYPD detective Ben Carson, who takes a job as a security guard at a burned-out department store in the city. Oh, and did I forget to mention the department store once was an insane asylum?

As Carson works the night shift, he begins to see weird things in the mirrors throughout the building. And what’s more, his family starts to become affected by the evil that lies behind the reflective panes.


There are plenty of scares and moments of graphic violence, and things get tense anytime a mirror is introduced. It almost plays like an homage to Stephen King; ratcheting up the suspense to a certain level then releasing the horror. Bits and pieces are reminiscent of The Shining, one of King’s most well-known novels.

And I would like to note that the opening credits are hard to read and, due to the mirroring effect, are rather nauseating.

The DVD contains both the theatrical and unrated versions of the film, along with the following bonus features:

Reflections: The Making of Mirrors

Go behind-the-scenes and see how to make a movie based in New York in Eastern Europe. And find out what grossed Amy Smart out the most about working on this film.

Behind the Mirror

A historical look at the mythological, religious, and psychological significance of mirrors. Experts and some Goth chick weigh in.

Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Contains deleted and alternate scenes from the film Mirrors. I was hoping for deleted and alternate scenes from Happy Gilmore, but Mirrors works too.

With thrills, chills and water-related spills (water = reflections), Mirrors isn’t an unabashed gorefest, but it gets the job done. Mirrors reflects itself a A– . Of course, in a mirror that would be –A, but whatever.


20th Century Fox/Regency
Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Amy Smart, Paula Patton, and Mary Beth Peil
Directed by Alexandre Aja
Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, language and brief nudity.
Running Time = 110 minutes

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