The Dark Knight 2-disk Special Edition REVIEW

Dark Knight

Why our review for The Dark Knight is 4 days late is unforgivable, but what this 2-disk special edition DVD had to offer isn’t any reason for a dog to chase cars either. The Dark Knight is the best Batman film ever released, and if somehow you didn’t see it in Imax or theaters, you should most likely navigate away from this page now, and go see the damn film.

The movie, lets recap: Its been six months since the events of Batman Begins, Scarecrow is still on the loose, Rachel has gone her own separate way, and Bruce Wayne is living in an apartment until his mansion is rebuilt. The story follows The Joker and Batman fighting for control of the city and the poor innocent people living in it. The story packs an amazing punch; the two and a half hour movie fly’s by like you just sat down, leaving you demanding more.

Now for the important stuff, how can possibly one of the greatest films of all time fail as a DVD release? The HUGE lack of bonus features, director content, and of course cuts scenes and alternate endings. The movie plays just as it did in theatres, and you even get a free digital copy for your iPhone or iPod. The only real bonus features that come with this collectors set are two 15 minute segments that talk about composing the music for parts of the film, and the creation of the Batpod. These segments are AMAZING but simply because there aren’t more segments like this, it leaves you wanting more.

The Dark Knight is an incredible film, but for the second largest box office gross ever, I was certainly hoping for a lot more bonus content and enough special features to melt at least half my face. The film is amazing, so for 19.99 of course it’s worth it, but because of everything that disk two didn’t have, some might want to wait and hope they release a limited edition collectors package that potentially features more in-depth coverage.

Out of 5 Joker cards, this only get three, and I feel that might be generous.

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