DVD REVIEW: Sabrina (1954)


Audrey Hepburn plays the role of Sabrina, the Larrabee’s Chauffeur’s daughter. Sabrina has been in love with David Larrabee, a young playboy, for as long as she could remember. After a trip to Paris for culinary school, Sabrina comes back looking like a beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated lady rather than a girl stalking David from the trees.

Catching David’s attention, he falls in love with her, forgetting about his fiancé and the 20 million dollar sugarcane and plastic deal. So Humphrey Bogart, who plays Linus, decides to try to entice Sabrina out of leaving with David, but apparently Linus ends up falling in love with Sabrina but it is hard to notice. 

This movie has poor acting and a weak plot. It’s like Cinderella but with a father, and she doesn’t have until midnight. I found Sabrina to be a psycho. She has been in love with this man for over 10 years and he doesn’t notice her. I especially felt this way after she tried to commit suicide in the garage by carbon monoxide poisoning, because he didn’t love her.

I believe this was a horrible role for Audrey Hepburn to play; maybe she was blackmailed into this movie because while some may think it’s a classic, I believe Paramount wasted a horrible amount of money to produce this garbage without a likeable storyline. I cannot emphasize how horrible the acting is. While it may have been the script, I could not tell if Linus or David, loved her, loathed her, or was just drunk.

If I were you I would pass on this movie. It was two hours that I could have spent studying! (But not really). Well I would advise you to check out Witness of the Prosecution if you are in for a good black and white flick.

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