One Tree Hill: More Growth and Branching Out

One Tree Hill – Season 5
Warner Bros. Television
Starring: Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, and Daphne Zuniga
759 minutes (15 episodes on 5 DVDs)
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Ah, the joys of growing up. Becoming an adult. Finding a job. Living your dreams. Well, that’s what young idealized minds fresh out of high school expect when they enter the world. Once reality sets in, many have been consumed by the very society they hoped to change. One Tree Hill: Season Five presents this reality in vivid detail; each character finding their own path in life, which at times takes a sharp detour from where they planned to go.

It’s four years later, and many of the graduates of Tree Hill High have left town for bigger and better things. Or so they hoped.

Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) is a published novelist, still living in Tree Hill. His brother Nathan (James Lafferty) has gone from dreams of basketball stardom to a wheelchair-bound alcoholic. Yes, while some dreams become reality, others are dashed leaving chaos for those involved.

Nathan’s family, wife Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and young son Jamie (Jackson Brundage), contend with his bitterness and depression the best they can. Luckily Lucas is around to ease the tension and bring normalcy to an otherwise tumultuous situation.

One Tree Hill: Season Five elevates the drama that ran through the first four seasons. The accelerated time frame of four years later shows these beloved characters in the thick of things. All continue to struggle in their pursuit of answers to life’s big questions, and to discover who they are as human beings in the giant maelstrom of life.

The five disc set includes a gaggle of special features, including: featurettes, unaired scenes, a music video, commentary on selected episodes, and a gag reel.

One Tree Hill: Season Five gets an A. Gotta love Chad Michael Murray! He was in Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan, ya know!

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  1. CW COME ON ONE TREE HILL ONE TREE Hill is my all time favorite show You guys need to come back and do more seasons and i am serious

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