Guillermo Del Toro and his Frankenstein


In what must be one of the more interesting adaptations to come in the future, Guillermo del Toro will be working on a Frankenstein adaptation. And he’s planning Doug Jones to play the role of the iconic monster. Details are pretty sparse right now, and I wouldn’t expect this movie to start getting serious anytime before 2010, but it’s pretty interesting all the same.

This news come from ShockTillYouDrop, who interrogated him while on the red carpet at the Hellboy II premiere.

Del Toro will be sticking to the original vision that Mary Shelley had for Frankenstein: “Tall, pale with blackened lips, achingly beautiful but completely flawed.” Del Toro also mentioned Berni Wrightson, famed comic artist and horror illustrator for designing the look of Frankenstein. Apparently, the movie is still so early that Del Toro was surprised when he was enquired about it.

Del Toro has an actor in mind for Victor Frankenstein as well, but refused to mention him. No Igor either. We wonder how the “It’ ALIVE!!!” scene will turn out here. Very intriguing indeed!

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