MGS4 released – World didn’t end

After a huge amount of press and more hype in computer circles than GTA4, Metal Gear Solid 4 has been released almost everywhere. While the world didn’t end and life goes on there are still reviews and news stories to look forward to.

These include how those outlets that were allowed to play MGS before its release to review it had to keep out certain points from the review by signing a legal agreement. Some of these points included not just those that could be explained away like not giving away key plot points but also not being allowed to talk about install times and cutscene lengths. While most people will be happy with the title various reviews have been providing serious criticism to the title including Eurogamer’s knocking of the game mentioning several bad points which have been glossed over by other outlets including IGN. Its hard to say just how good Metal Fear Solid 4 is as a title right now because there is still the PR gloss around covering everything which makes it almost compulsory to give it a good score if a reviewer. Perhaps after time it will be like Star Wars: Episode 1 where everyone was signing praises when it was released and as soon as Episode 2 was about to be released it became the black sheep of the saga.

If you are looking for a point in this article perhaps it could be explained as this. Marketing money makes everything look great and claiming that something would be the last in the series makes people want to buy it. It might be a good idea to wait a week or two before coming to a decision about buying as that is when players who did buy it first have had enough time to look back and reflect on their purchase decision. Was it worth the money, and will it be for you?

What this means for you? Something to think about and not just about MGS4.

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