Witchblade teaser poster, site now online

Witchblade Poster Preview

Among the lesser known comic book series lies Witchblade. Then again, flipping through a few random pages, most people would conclude it to be a trashy ’90s half-porno comic book. While that is true to some extent, Witchblade can atleast be considered as one of the better trashy ’90s half-porno comics.

And what’s better than a sexy live-action movie about it? Witchblade has already been in anime, manga and a cancelled TV series and of course, thousands of pieces of hentai artwork. Ahem. The series is about a mysterious gauntlet passed down from ages that turns a female into a superheroine while stripping her of all clothes to reveal her darn-sexy booty (a prerequisite for wearing the Witchblade).

Well, the teaser poster and site for the movie have just come out, and you’ll find them by hitting the jump!

Witchblade doesn’t have a writer, director or even a lead actress for the role (the one in the poster is just a model and a very sexy one at that). It’s production starts in September this year, is scheduled for a 2009 release and it’s going to be two feature films shot back-to-back. That’s a techique generally avoided, but we have no doubt that the masses will throng to the theaters for some hot ass battling crime. Here’s the teaser site and the teaser poster down below!

Witchblade Poster

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  1. I can’t wait to watch this movie. I think that they should have followed the comic book when they had the series. The Cartoon Network series was so-so. I am expecting a lot from this movie.

  2. I like your blog post, kudos to you for it and keep up the good work blogging. I really love the way you take time to get it done right. 😛 Anyhow, this is just a kudo from another secret admirer who’s an Otaku. I promise I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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