Kojima will sign MSG4 covers (only) in London.


 This has to be one of the most odd ideas for a signing on the planet.
Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear game franchise with
MGS4 out soon will be in London. Only it won’t be for a quick tour
instead he will be at chain store HMV’s Oxford Street store in London
on (my birthday btw) June 2nd.

The weird bit is while Kojima will be there to sign things to do with
Metal Gear Solid 4 he will be signing HMV-exclusive game sleeves
available after putting down a deposit on the game. That way at 12
noon on the day people will be able to get their exclusive game
sleeves signed. The catch is you must be there at 9am that day to
get in the queue for the sleeves themselves as there will be only
300 available.

It’s a bit of an odd idea to have people queue up twice to get
a game sleeve and have it signed on June 2nd, well before you
can get the game on June 12th. Still there will be at least a few
people who will do it.

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