Metal Gear Solid 4 – 90 Minute long cutscenes!


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who are familiar with the
popular long running game franchise. The cutscenes in Metal Gear
Solid 4 are going to be the longest yet even beating previous editions
in the series with single cutscenes running at up to 90 minutes a time.

To put it in perspective you could play through a level in an hour or
so (assumption without playing before writing) and then have to wait
90 minutes watching a cutscene before starting the next mission section.
There is reported to be the option to pause or skip the cutscene
but for those who want to play through the game as Nvidia would say
“the way it’s meant to be played” then skipping the cutscene is not an option.While we doubt there will be one a “popcorn ready” icon should be
added after the retail release to allow for the user to prepare themselves
to sit down and watch a movie. What could be a more useful addition
which would be viable is the option to hit a button on the controller
like select to view a running time bar so you can tell how long the
scene will be and allow for appropriate preparation. For example it’s not
worth pausing for a bathroom break or to get a beer if the scene is only 2 minutes long.

One thing is for sure and that is on the first play through there are going
to be many users who will be watching the clock trying to find out when
they get past the 90 minute cutscenes. There are other outcomes but
there might be a few issues with such long cutscenes. If a lot of the disc
space is taken up by cutscenes making them run for 20 hours if the game
is only 25 hours long then there will be a number of people complaining
on the net.

All these theories are made without playing the game yet so everything
should be taken as assumptions. We don’t know the game takes 25 hours to
complete 🙂

What this means for you? Watch a movie, and play a game at almost
the same time. Its the way of the future pal, and depending on this experience
it could happen again with many more games in the future.

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