Spielberg to remake Live-Action 3D Ghost in the Shell Remake

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In my “Favourite Movies” list, I always dutifully add “Ghost in the Shell”, because it is that good a movie. It is also the prime example I give to the sort of people to judge animation movies incapable to telling serious, intelligent stories. Ghost in the Shell is a work of art, a cinematic masterpiece, no less.

And it’s going to be remade, by Spielberg’s very own Dreamworks. Hit the jump to find out what the hell.

Dreamworks fought tooth and nail to secure the rights for GitS against Universal and Sony, with some help from big daddy Spielberg himself. He also claims GitS to be one of his favourite stories and “a genre that has arrived”. This is true because Ghost in the Shell can hardly be classified in a single genre – it goes everything from a thriller to a cyberpunk sci-fi to a lengthy discussion on philosophy.

Jamie Moss has been roped in to write the screenplay here, and once again I get those jitters I get when I hear that Hollywood is making a remake. Moss has a serious task ahead of him: his only previous writing credit is Street Kings, and I pretty much have no idea if he will be able to grab all the subtle grandeur and deep overtones of Ghost in the Shell.

Whatever the case, I have a feeling this should turn out well because I generally like what Spielberg and Dreamworks do (I’d at least trust them to dole out a better GitS remake than say, oh help me, Pixar).

And regardless, the original is a brilliant, brilliant movie and the greatest animated movie ever made in my honest opinion – if you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t seen modern science fiction one bit.

Source: Variety

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  1. 3d & Live action = FUCKED up series. I don’t care how much they invest – only the creator himself can pull it off, fuck Spielberg & his crew.

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