Who is Ben Mauro?

one of Ben Mauro’s settings for BioShock 2one of Ben Mauro’s unique settings for 2 K Games’ BioShock 2

Like many of you, Ben is a BioShock fan. But his obsession with the game goes far beyond sitting behind his PC or Xbox 360. As part of an architecture course, Ben designed six pieces of “organic” art for BioShock 2.  

Not only did he create the art depicting scenes of the underwater city environment but now there is buzz that 2K Games will pick up his artwork and incorporate it into the next version of the game.

Ripten is reporting that the community manger for 2K Games contacted them to say they “really loved” the artwork first posted by the site March 3rd .

Released last September, the “genetically enhanced” first-person shooter lets you do things never before possible in the genre: turn everything into a weapon, biologically mod your body with plasmids, hack devices and systems, upgrade your weapons and craft new ammo variants, and experiment with different battle techniques in incredibly unique settings.

Check out Ben’s artwork here.

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