“Deadly Creatures” coming for Wii, lets you control a scorpion, tarantula

Deadly Creatures screenshot

When was the last time you wished for a game where you can play as a scorpion or a tarantula? I’m guessing it’s ‘never’? Coming from Rainbow Studios for the Wii, Deadly Creatures lets you do just that. And we assure you that when we say ‘scorpion’, we don’t mean scorpion as in Sonic is a hedgehog. We mean a real, killer scorpion.

Hit the jump for more info and the official trailer.

Controlling a scorpion and tarantula with your Wiimote, you will guide them across a desert in this game. Since this isn’t a fairy tale, you will find them constantly attacked by enemies ranging from wasps to Gila monsters. And being the underdog animal, you have to fight for survival in this desert.

Rainbow Studios promises a “dark, compelling” story, as well as some of the best graphics on the Wii out there (which I would dare say isn’t far too proud a claim). But still, the fact that it takes a dark take on the brutal animal world is something worth recognition. Especially when you take a look at animals on every other Wii game are anthropomorphic stuffed animals.

And if you still aren’t saying “Awesome!” or “Creepy!” yet, let this twisted trailer shift you back to the world of cool:

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